Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Digital Storytelling Project:

This project will be part of a Reading assignment for 5th graders. They will research the mystery genre, write their own short mystery story, and then create a digital storytelling project. I did my example in Power Point, which I realize was not the best choice. It tells a story written and read by a 9 year old.


  1. Aly, I really liked the way you made it fun for the students and your site is really easy to follow along!!!! I think students will have an easy time finding things on your site and will have fun creating their digital story telling on their mystery story!! Would you consider adding color to add a little pizazz? Also, would you consider embedding the links to make it easier for the students to view it right on your site rather than going out of it? This is perfect for 5th graders!!! Great job!!!

  2. Aly, I loved the story you came up with! Your Wiki page is organized very neatly, so students will be able to navigate it easily. Your PowerPoint looks great, but have you thought about adding a background to your slides? Instead of it being white you could have a mystery-related themed slideshow. I loved the transition you have for the title page. What about adding transitions for the other pages. I'm sure your students would love to "uncover" each page as you go along.
    Great job on your example, your students will love it!
    -Annie Chippa